whenever i clear my heart of the pain you give me each day it’s nice to feel empty inside, as i know you already feel that way with me.

I wish I never liked you.

I wish I didn’t waste all those times talking to you or thinking about you. I wish I didn’t worry or cared about all the times you ignored me. I wish I never got excited everytime you made me feel special, I wish I never believed every word you said. I wish I never got my hopes high for you. And I wish I never kept trying and trying, knowing I would just go through the same thing. Because in the end, the one that gets hurt isn’t you. It’s me.

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Don’t cry because its over

cry because you’re ugly

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you are allowed to terminate toxic relationships

you are allowed to walk away from people who hurt you

you are allowed to be angry and selfish and unforgiving

you don’t owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself

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does medusa have pubes and if so are they snakes too


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